Luxury Kitchen Team

   With over 30 years of Residential Building Experience in the Bay Area, indoor and outdoor kitchens are our specialty. We know that today more than ever your kitchen has become the heart of your home. Our professional team can help you with design, cabinets, appliances, countertops, tile, stone, slabs, and cabinet hardware. 

   Our extensive design and construction knowledge are innovative and creative, understanding that each client and their projects have its own set of unique criteria. And that each project has to be tailored to fit each client’s needs.

   We can also offer our clients services including general construction of new and historical homes, remodels, renovations, bathroom remodels, consulting, property entitlements, and hardscape. 

We have one ambition, to deliver a top-quality product and customer satisfaction through a reliable, professional, and honest work ethic.  Luxury Kitchens is dedicated to building you the Kitchen of your dreams.