18″ Undercounter Incogneeto™ Induction Warmer – VUIW

Incognito induction warmer

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  • Offers four selectable temperature settings: 150°/160°/175°/190°F (65°/70°/80°/85°C)
  • 650 watts of power
  • The Magneeto™ II trivet-like device is used on the upper surface of the countertop to locate the heat zone and acts as a temperature sensor
  • Touch control user interface with SmarTag™ Technology uses a wireless communicator to provide precise temperature control
  • Cookware/bakeware up to a diameter of approximately 12″ (30.5 cm) with an induction-compatible base can be used
  • Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy transmission to pan and no energy transmission when the pan is not present
  • Can combine up to three units per 15 amp circuit


  • A beautiful piece of natural stone or “engineered stone” can transform into an induction warmer capable of holding food within 2°F
    • Designed to be mounted directly under a stone or engineered stone countertops
    • The unit mounts underneath the counter with no drilling or cutting of the stone required
  • Compatible with all-natural and engineered stones
    • 1-1/4″ thick with no substrate
    • 3/4″ thick with 1/2″ – 3/4″ plywood substrate

Model Numbers

  • VUIW518 – 18″W. Undercounter Induction Warmer

Color Finishes

Stainless housing with black glass (unit to be hidden under countertop)


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